Selling requires a lot of patience and a great marketing plan. If you are trying to sell sub standard products and are failing , blame it on yourself. This is primarily because it does not matter what you are selling.Here are three key tips for selling sub standard products.

Don’t Give up when you think it is the time to give up.

The choice of giving up is clear with most people. If you pay enough attention you may even be able to predict when they are going to give up.

Most people give up when their mind tells them to give up. It is like your budget. If you have a budget of 500 dollars, you will happily spend $500 on a product and still feel happy because you thought it was a bargain. Same is the case with social campaigns.The moment you see that your campaign is not yielding results, you give up too easily. For an example see the persistence of this site here.

Before giving up the final time, try one last time with all you have.30% of my campaigns have succeeded on the last effort

Repetition of successful elements

Each campaign I design has two common factors.

It is never like the same campaign I have designed in the past. It has a lot of elements of the successful campaigns I have designed in the past. If sending out emails to 10 blogger friends has worked wonders, feel free to do that again. Dont overdo it. Remember , people still love to be personally written to.

Also think about the following elements for each individual customers.

  • Am I doing something because I have substantial data that it will work ?
  • Whats my ROI versus the time I am spending ?
  • Does it guarantee me new contacts ?


Experimentation is the only constant with successful campaigns.

Getting visitors and people to come to your site is easy if you keep on experiment with different styles.

You could experiment with text,layouts,designs,campaigns and much more.”